Eric's list of top 10 anime heroes

By Eric, 24th May 04
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Just as with my top ten villains, these are rated by character, and whether or not I particularly enjoyed the show is immaterial. I am an objective reviewer, dang it.

10) Alucard from Hellsing
No, it is NOT "Arucard," and if you say it is, you should be ashamed to call yourself an anime fan. Japanese people don't have too many "L"s in their language, you know. Alucard isn't your typical hero. He actually enjoys killing, and firmly believes himself to be above all other races and vampires. However, he has the power to back up his sadistic arrogance.

9) Shinji from Evangelion
Shinji is a typical angst ridden teenager. In fact, in some cases he's even a coward or a weenie, so why is he on this list? Simple, he's just like all the other teenagers, but despite his fear he is willing to put himself on the line to protect people. Maybe he isn't the pinnacle of coolness, but he still deserves a spot on this list just for going past his fears.

8) Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo!
Even if she wasn't always a good guy, she became quite a favorite once she was. Not only is she arguably one of the sexiest women in anime, but she has that catty attitude we all love. Tough, spunky, but still unafraid to show off once in a while, Ryoko has the best side of both worlds. Just don't touch her Tenchi if you value your life.

7) Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing
I'm not the biggest fan of the show, mainly because almost all of the gundam characters who ever existed had a pole up their ass that had a pole up ITS ass. Duo, while somewhat gender confused judging from his appearance, was just the kind of breath of fresh air that Gundam needed. He takes his missions seriously, but he seems to be the only pilot who also knows how to enjoy life a little. Competent yet laid-back, that's a winning combination.

[image1]6) Gawl from Generator Gawl
It's really a shame that most people will never know why I like Gawl so much, as it's a series many anime fans may never see. However, that doesn't stop me. Gawl's human side was goofy, aloof, cranky, hungry, whiny, nonchalant, and just about everything else you'd expect to see in a wacky person. It's terribly funny. Who else goes berserk with rage when chasing a butterfly? His generator form, however, is all business. And I'm happy to say it's one of the best mech designs around.

5) Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin
It can get really annoying sometimes how he ends his sentences with "that it is" or "that I am" or "that it was" get the picture. Still, he's pretty cool in every other aspect. He's using a non-lethal sword, yet he STILL manages to beat everyone who comes in his way. He sticks to his principles, fights for the common good, and still has time to entertain the kids at the dojo. Kensin is just an all-around decent person.

4) Vash the Stampede from Trigun
I won't dispute that Wolfwood was cooler. In fact, try as you might, you'll never find a bigger dork than Vash. Ever. However, Vash is more original as a character. Like Kenshin, he vowed to never take a life, and for a very long time he is able to find solutions which save everyone. He stuffs himself with donuts, drinks too much, cries all the time, whines, dances like an idiot, tells lame jokes, gets faint at the sight of blood, and he's also a big pervert. Despite all this, he is the most skilled shooter anime's ever had, and is virtually indestructable. Don't let his personality fool you. Mess with Vash and you go down...Oh, but don't worry. You won't die.

3) Lupin from Lupin III
Ah, I couldn't call this a real list of the best heroes without Lupin. Although Lupin is more of a protagonist for his show than an actual hero. He's a friggin' thief! However, like Vash, he's full of personality...and is a pervert. Thankfully, Lupin's personality is easygoing, and life is just one big game to him where he goes from score to score until he makes it big. Smart as a tack, sharp as a whip, Lupin always plays it cool and just enjoys the ride. Bravo, sir.

2) Goku from Dragonballz
Some anti-DBZ people will want to stone me for putting Goku on this list at all, let alone so high up. Even if you didn't like DBZ, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more decent, likable guy than Goku. He's kind, generous, easygoing, smiles all the time, and charmingly naive. Not only that, but he's willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save people he's never even met. It's hard to find anyone as nice a guy as Goku is, and I'm convinced that people like him don't even EXIST in the real world anymore.

1) Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop
Like many of the others on this list, Spike is laid-back and plays by his own rules. However, nobody has ever looked so cool while doing so. Whenever he's in danger, he'll just grin and make it up as he goes along, coming away virtually unscathed. Spike is the futuristic James Bond, only tougher, rougher, and chock full of "can't touch this" style. He fully deserves the number one spot, and I defy anybody to disagree.

By Eric, 24th May 04

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